September! It’s time for some routine

Dear September,

I’m writing this letter today with a generous heart and a brilliant idea.
There is no question, I like to be the center of attention – hogging all the “new year, new me” limelight.

I like the build-up time after Christmas where people brainstorm the books they plan to read, the new habits they will create, pin down fitness goals, and write inspirational quotes on the mirror in Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick.

After the cookie dough in the freezer has long been eaten, and the Modern Family Netflix binge has run its course, the people burst through my January doors with gusto and fierce determination to “live, laugh, and love” a little better this year (after they first proclaim January 2nd as the real kick-off to the New Year).

Typically, they arrive on January 1st January 2nd craving order and hoping to like more than the idea

There wasn’t enough certainty (or hope) in January 2021, and despite there still being some question marks about what the fall will look like, I do think you, September should take the resolution lead this year.

The resolve for routine and why it’s da bomb 

As I so graciously offer you my rose-gold baton, September, please encourage the people to take the opportunity NOW to reset, make some goals, and establish a sustainable routine.  

I have lost my luster. But, maybe if you take the lead, coach the people, and remind them of how good they will soon feel … eventually they’ll return to me with confetti and loud mini-horns at the strike of midnight. 

In our perfect ways. In the ways we are beautiful. In the ways we are human. We are here. Happy New Year’s Let’s make it ours. ~Beyonce 

3 Reasons Why a Daily Routine Is So Important

  1. Routines ensure that the important things in your life get done
  2. Routines relieve stress
  3. Routines allow you to tune into life cycles … giving regular checkpoints for creating balance inside and out 

 The article, by Chara Caruthers, in full can be found here.

When dropping subtle pre-resolution hints about what might be important to strive for, I always promote the idea of consistency and the confidence that builds. 

It is so key to creating patterns … that lead to FREEDOM. 

One size doesn’t fit all and that’s totally cool!

There is a gal named Jenna, a little TW firecracker you may know, who loves routine.
She is so excited about her daughter’s first day of Kindergarten. And she takes her health, and her families, seriously.
Somehow during a pandemic, she gave up drinking coffee. She drinks this coffee-like bevvie and it sure packs a healthy punch.
(The people can grab the ingredients from Health Hut, or Amazon.)
Hear me out, September: don’t try to push “no coffee” onto everyone’s resolution list.
I tried that one year and we didn’t make it until January 4th.
BUT, some people are ready to try something new, caffeine might not be sitting well with them, or they are trying to find a way to add a little collagen into their lives.
This is one little idea to demonstrate that new daily habits can be small. Those are still BIG wins. 

The routine doesn’t always feel easy, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm either 

Here is a lipstick-worthy quote for the mirror (fire & ice, remember):
What’s easy to do is always easy NOT to do.” ~Jim Rhone
I’m sharing (on her behalf) what Jenna’s routine looks like.

Jenna’s morning routine

5:30 am out of bed (admittedly summer was too hard for this early hour … she is so excited for getting BACK to this.

Then it’s GO time: 
  1. Grab water bottle with Fizz stick
  2. Take Greens shot 
  3. Journal (Start Today Journal by Rachel Hollis)
  4. Do a Peloton ride or Yoga 
  5. Get ready 
  6. “Coffee” (she lies, LOL)
  7. Make breakfast for kids/herself 
  8. Top products used in the AM: 
    1. Breakfast maker (see my omelette recipe on the blog, here
    2. Micro pro grill (5 min pancake that’s NOT burnt!) 
    3. Water bottles 
  9. Packs daughter, Ariya’s lunch using the BENTO box

Off you go, September, it’s your time to shine 

You’ve got this. You can do it. 


There is always the opportunity to reset, restart, and dream of the gift of freedom that comes with something as basic as a daily routine.
Maybe there are goals to decaffeinate or floss every day. Perhaps September has people joining rowing clubs or getting motivational tattoos.
Whatever it is, if we think back it’s easy to appreciate what life looks like without a routine and when things feel out of control.
September “New Year” people can start with a routine with soft pliable edges. But routine will always give way to peace and freedom.
Daily routine can exist in a world that has uncertainty. It can help navigate the waters that are still a bit choppy.

The wind could pick up at any point, but I’m telling you September, it’s your time to shine.
A letter from Yours Truly,


P.S. Check out Jenna’s Back you routine video HERE