It’s a Tupperware Party!

My top service is an in-home Tupperware party. Parties give me an opportunity to educate people on healthy food choices.
I offer a variety of different party themes.
This is not your grandma’s Tupperware anymore!

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I offer different party themes!

Choose from any of these party themes.
These can be done in-home or online, you decide!

Detox Party 'n Clean Eating Party

This is a perfect party for anybody that wants to learn about detoxification and being able to make healthier food choices. Learn more about healthy detoxing with your friends, eat some healthy food, learn some new recipes using our Tupperware products, have some fun and when you host with me you can earn some free Tupperware.

Dinner 9-1-1 'n Lunch 9-1-1

This is the perfect party for anybody who’s ever had to eat and feed a family in a rush, on the run or when everything is closed. Have fun with your friends, get inspiration in the kitchen with the use of our Tupperware products and learn 1-2 quick, easy and healthy recipes that your family will love!  When you host with me you can earn some free Tupperware.

Wine 'n Cheese

Take a night away to wine and cheese with the girls! You deserve “ME” time and this party is calling your name if you need a fun evening in with the girls. Get comfy with your friends and leave the work to me! I will prepare 1-2 simple and healthy appies with the use of our Tupperware products! When you host with me you can earn some free Tupperware.

Hide 'n Seek

Got kids or husbands who are picky eaters? Let’s play a little bit of “Hide ‘n Seek”! If you’re needing some new, healthy and easy recipes for the picky eaters in your life this is the perfect party for you. I will demonstrate 1-2 recipes with the use of our Tupperware products that will give you some inspiration and ideas. When you host with me you can earn some free Tupperware.

Meal Prep 'n Organize

Meal prep is all about being organized and having the foods you want to be eating ready for the week ahead. It’s the best moment when you open up your fridge and it’s full of foods that are ready to be eaten throughout the week! At this party, I will demonstrate with the use of our Tupperware products some useful tips that you can do weekly to get you to be prepared for the week ahead with some healthy meals. Who doesn’t love to learn with friends? When you host with me, you can earn some free Tupperware.

Custom Kitchen ‘n Organization

This is a complimentary personalized consultation designed to help maximize kitchen storage. When you open up your pantry or cupboards, do you feel overwhelmed or organized? If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Jenna will come to you and map out “centers” for the foods you keep on hand. Saving you time, money and energy Jenna will help get your kitchen organized in no time with Tupperware products. 

Freezer Meal 'n Prep Party

Host a party with your friends without worrying about grocery shopping! The Freezer Meal ‘n Prep Party is a meal party that comes in an in-home party bag containing an apron, 5 meals (good for 4 people each), 4 Tupperware containers. Each bag has an instructional pamphlet with guidelines on how to defrost, cook, and prep each meal. Each person costs CAD$145 only. BUT WAIT, you also get a CAD$25 credit at the end of the party.

Online ‘n 30 Minutes

Party in your pajamas because the Online ‘n 30 Minutes won’t require you to leave your house! This is a 30-minute Facebook party where I go Facebook live and demonstrate my favorite products for you and your friends. Just invite your friends and leave all the work and posting to me!

Lunch 'n Learn

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How do I book a Party?

Choose a Party Theme

I offer a variety of both in-home and online Tupperware parties. From the list above, choose the them that will best suit your needs!


Schedule via Booking Link

Click this link to redirect to my booking page. Choose “Book Your Tupperware Party!” and from there, fill out the necessary information including the date and time  you want to secure.

Wait for Confirmation

Once the form has been submitted, kindly wait 24-48 hours for me to confirm your booking. I will be sending you an email to confirm your party schedule.

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