The wilderness is calling! 

We are so excited to get out in our 5th wheel trailer and enjoy the great outdoors! Hiking, swimming, and campfires are a blast. 

However, camping (or “glamping” as we call it) isn’t all fun and games. First, there’s a lot of planning and organization involved with reserving a site, planning meals, and determining what you’ll need. Then, there’s the packing, getting all of the food organized, driving, and setting up home away from home. If you’re actually tenting, then you have to pitch tents, haul out your cooler, find an ice supply, and more! Plus, you have to unpack all over again once you get home. Doesn’t it make you tired just thinking about it?

Let’s put the fun back in camping!

I’m here to help improve your experience with some of my favourite Tupperware products. Trust me, they will make your camping or glamping life a million times easier. 

Here’s what you need:

  • Fridge Smarts: Storing food in a cooler? Fridge Smarts will keep everything from getting soggy while camping. Even if you have a refrigerator, Fridge Smarts will keep your produce fresher for longer so that you can enjoy crisp lettuce all week long! Plus, these amazing containers stack easily and help you keep everything organized.

  • Modular Mates: Let’s be honest. When you’re out camping, sometimes uninvited guests arrive at the campground. I’m talking about ants, bugs, mice, squirrels, and other critters! However, Modular Mates save the day with their air-tight, compact, storage options. Modular Mates keep hungry creatures from even smelling your food and becoming interested in exploring your campsite. 

  • Squeeze It’s: Whether you’re using a trailer, RV, or tent, when you’re camping, you’re short on space! To save space and stay organized, I put condiments in Tupperware Squeeze It’s. They’re perfect for storing in the side-door of your refrigerator or a cooler. Each bottle is 12 oz, or 350 ml, which is the perfect amount for camping. 

    Wanna know my secret trick? I also use Squeeze It’s for shampoo and conditioner! They’re compact, no-spill, and the perfect size.


  • Power Chef: This all-in-one kitchen tool is my absolute FAVOURITE. Operated manually by a pull-string, this baby can chop, blend, mix, and more! You don’t even need power to do it! The Power Chef does a great job with sauces (homemade marinades anyone?), smoothies, and more. Plus, I highly recommend using the Power Chef to make fresh dips like hummus, guacamole, and salsa for a fun (and delicious!) camping snack.

Do you have a favourite camping snack? Tell me what it is in the comments below!

  • Impression Bowls: For mixing, storage, and leftovers, the Impression Bowls are my favourites! The best part about them is that there are three different sized bowls which all conveniently stack into each other! It’s such a space saver in the trailer. 


Camping life is SO much easier and more organized for me with these spectacular products. But, before I leave you to shop, I have to mention one last must-have camping item: water bottles! When you’re out in the extreme heat, it’s very important to stay hydrated. Tupperware water bottles are sturdy and convenient. They won’t leak in your backpack (ever!) and they don’t break even if dropped. Plus, they come with a fantastic hand strap for carrying while you hike. 

That’s it! 

That’s how I stay organized while glamping in our adorable trailer. Do you have any special tips and tricks to make camping easier?

Tell me about them below! I’d love to hear from you!

Need more tips? Check out this video and tour our fifth wheel! 

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