And a special offer for you!

A kitchen is meant to be used. Food is meant to be enjoyed. A freezer shouldn’t cause you to stress, or to secretly wish everything had freezer burn and you could just toss it, yikes!

Our freezer mates are super popular because they help you organize your freezer, keep your food fresh, and freeze food without worrying it will spill or end up littered in crumbs. (ack!)

Get your freezer organized … so you use that frozen food

Most people (when they don’t know Tupperware) open the freezer and wonder how many things will fall onto their toes if they dare to dig for peas or frozen ground beef.

It doesn’t feel safe. Or sane. Or simple. That’s why you want freezer mates in your life!

I recently cooked up some yummy chicken fajitas and you can see how handy the freezer mates are. 

Maybe it just feels like you need a little help? I’ve got you sista! Check out my youtube channel for more tips and tricks (plus a freezer tour).

Now onto something really exciting……

I’m saying “thank you” and sending you BIG Virtual hugs. October is a month all about giving thanks and I want to share why I AM so grateful for you.


  • Keep trying my recipes
  • Read my blogs
  • Invite me into your home for Tupperware parties! So much fun!
  • Trust me ❤️️
  • Try our new products. Again, so much fun!
  • Reply to my emails and keep me up to date on your lives
  • Are my friends!

So during the month of October – the month of giving thanks – I am GIVING THANKS to my amazing customers by offering one on one kitchen consultations for FREE. I explain what it is and WHY I’m offering it all on YouTube here.

Need help organizing your freezer? This is perfect for you!

Book a FREE Custom Kitchen Consult with me!

Just book using this ^  link and I’ll be there for you.

Plus there are always sales that make it easier to re-org that entire freezer! See sales here.


I’m so grateful to you.

Thanksgiving Day and beyond is the perfect reminder to tell the people in your life that they are important to you.

I’m so grateful to be able to offer something that serves you and makes me smile (is it still a gift if I’m equally pumped about it? … I think yes!).

Now can I organize your freezer? Pretty please with frozen fruit on top.

P.S. As part of my October theme of thankfulness, there are some things I especially love and am thankful for that you can find on Amazon (and who doesn’t love a front porch package arriving to brighten the day?). Check them out here!