I don’t eat out often, but sometimes when I do, I get inspired … like, “I could totally make this macro bowl myself at home” or “freshly prepared salsa is so delicious” but also sooo much chopping!

When I recreate the dips, pesto pizza, elk burgers, and that salsa I was drooling over I’m SO happy I have the best tools to help me in the kitchen. I experiment and try to replicate things, often with my own fun little twists to make the dish a little bit healthier, because of course, I do!

Thanks, Tupperware!

Keep reading because I have a solution for you!

Making life easier, one pull at a time!

The must-have *thing* is a SuperSonic Chopper. You might still cry when your preschooler spills the milk, but, sista, you won’t be cryin’ onion-cutting tears anymore!

“Tell me more Jenna!”

Ok, I will: 

  1. Chefs around the world tested the SuperSonic Choppers and they agree it cuts and chops food up to 5 times faster than using only a knife (thank you Smart-Fast Bladez™).
  2. You can chop, mix, blend like a PRO … all with the pull of a handle. And, if the power goes out you can still chop the veggies. 
  3. You’ll cut your time in HALF mincing and chopping (and like I said, reduce tears and garlic-mining frustration). Time IS a precious commodity …So it’s a no-brainer. 
  4. Your countertops will be clearer and your dirty dishes less. Win-win. 
  5. Because there is no electricity needed you can take it anywhere and it’s planet-friendly.

Fun fact …The SuperSonic Chopper used to be called the “Power Chef” but it’s been revamped. Run, don’t walk!

Have a look to see the options and what the new and improved (September 2021) SuperSonic looks like. 

There are three options from the Compact SuperSonic to the Chopper System (go big or go home?). 


It’s a manual food processor. That makes it so much easier to commit to using (and cheaper) than other expensive appliances!

In actual fact, I only use TW these days. I’m sure you aren’t surprised, but I know a few friends who can relate^^. 

The Chopper is for you … for that restaurant at home experimenting, OR if you: 

  • Have a baby and want an easy way to make nutritious food 
  • Love entertaining and putting out a nice spread …mmmm tapenade hummus, guacamole, and salsa to make your own 
  • Are the queen of salads and delicious vinaigrettes
  • Refuse to eat store-bought mayo (so easy to make your own!)
  • Have a smoothie every morning, but don’t want to wake the dog with your loud ninja blender
  • Promised your teenager a milkshake next time he brings home a B+
  • Have a little year-round herb garden because fresh herbs are life and you want to flavour all the things! 

And more! Obvi!

Remember that delicious fresh salsa I mentioned earlier?! I whipped (chopped) some up a few weeks ago! It was so easy and delicious!

>> Have a look at my salsa recipe I made with the chopper that is a crowd pleaser every time!

This is really a tool you can’t afford NOT to get. It will make your life so much easier, and safer (if you’ve ever sliced off a little bit of your pinky finger chopping with those giant chef knives you’ll be so happy). 

Want to see the chopper in action? You’re going to love these real-life demos!

Keep it simple, fresh, and fun, 


P.S. Purchasing the chopper in our TW kit is a ‘supersonic’ option for you. The best deal …Pay $149 for $500+ of Tupperware! So maybe you CAN get that super stash you were after. Email me and I’ll fill you in!