Why Mom Life is Awesome

#MomLife, it is the best, hardest, most interesting, most fun, and most maddening thing I’ve ever done, or will ever do. The highs and lows are extreme. The rocky parts make me question my capacity—not to mention my sanity—but the beauty and wonder and breathtaking views from the peaks are unbeatable.

jenna trudeau with family

We live in an era of honesty about parenting, which is awesome. Mommy bloggers have opened the doors to their messy inner worlds, letting us all know we’re not alone in the dark days and huge challenges of motherhood. That transparency is refreshing.

But it can also lure us into a negative mindset if we don’t balance the “parenting is hard” messages with the just-as-true “having kids is amazing” ones.

Take a deep breath, think of all the positive things #MomLife has brought you, and enjoy the little things!

Take a Sip and Enjoy

Whether you’re pregnant, in that in-between stage of early pregnancy or you prefer to not drink, skipping alcohol can often feel like you have to miss out on the social aspect of drinking—or maybe you’re feeling a little left out. Instead of reaching out for that wine to get us all through this stressful times, why not try a healthy and refreshing mocktail? Take out that hangover situation every morning and take care of your health before the hustle!

Here’s a quick and easy Mama-Mocktail recipe you can prepare for yourself to cap the day off or for when you’re having that virtual partying with your girl friends.

mommy mocktail

What’s great about this recipe is that the ingredients can easily be purchased in grocery stores, plus, by purchasing “So Elderberry Good” syrup; you’re supporting one of the many awesome local businesses in Alberta.


Course: Drinks


  • Tupperware Quick Shake® Container
  • Tupperware SpeedyMando™ Food Slicer
  • Tupperware All-In-One Mate


  • 3 pcs strawberries
  • ½ inch pc ginger
  • ½ pc lemon
  • 1 shot "So Elderberry Good" syrup
  • Beverage of choice: Nutrl or Kombucha
  • Ice (With fruit added to it)


  • Using the Tupperware Juicer, juice half the lemon into the "Quick Shake" Container.
  • Grate the ginger using the grater option into the '"Quick Shake Container"
  • Add remaining liquid ingredients to the "Quick Shake"
  • Give it a "Quick Shake", serve on ice and shake some strawberries on top with the "Tupperware Speedy Mando"
  • Enjoy!


Purchase Today

Support local by purchasing the “So Elderberry Good” syrup. Here’s the link to their website: soelderberrygood.com You can also purchase in-store in Grande Prairie at The Health Hut. At this time, they’re offering curbside pick-up and delivery.

Interested in any of the Tupperware products I’ve featured in this recipe? Shop here: jennatrudeau.my.tupperware.ca