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Parties give me an opportunity to educate people on healthy food choices. I offer a variety of different party themes. This is not your grandma’s Tupperware anymore!

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My top service is an in-home Tupperware party. Parties give me an opportunity to educate people on healthy food choices.

I offer a variety of different party themes.
This is not your grandma’s Tupperware anymore!

Due to the pandemic, Tupperware parties are limited to online setup.

Facebook Online Party

Party in your pajamas because the Online ‘n 30 Minutes won’t require you to leave your house! This is a 30-minute Facebook party where I go Facebook live and demonstrate my favorite products for you and your friends. Just invite your friends and leave all the work and posting to me!

Who is Health 'n Hustle?

I’m a mamma of two girls and a huge advocate for health! I use the Tupperware tools to help fuel my body with healthy food so I can hustle my Tupperware business and mom life. I have been with Tupperware Canada for 5 years as of January 2020! I was engaged with my nutrition business a year prior to that.

My top service is an in-home Tupperware party.  I offer a variety of different parties themes. This is not your grandma’s Tupperware anymore!


“My office just took part in a meal prep party with Jenna. She took care of everything and was so helpful! The hardest part of the day was deciding on our orders after trying so many products. I’m sure it won’t be our last meal prep day!”

Liza Richer

“Jenna was amazing to work with. She not only came to my house to see what specific containers I needed for my pantry, she also personally delivered my order and helped me fill my containers and organize my entire pantry!”

Amber Giguere

“Jenna is an excellent consultant, very professional, very nice, and very knowledgeable. She will make accommodations for each and every party. She is just great! And will always get my Tupperware from her.”

Julie Leann Kaczmarek

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Freezer Organization Matters!

And a special offer for you! A kitchen is meant to be used. Food is meant to be enjoyed. A freezer shouldn't cause you to stress, or to secretly wish everything had freezer burn and you could just toss it, yikes! Our freezer mates are super popular because they help...

Simple Chicken Fajitas and a secret EASY way to feed the fam!

There is always enough to stress about, right?! Feeding your family shouldn’t be one of those things! This month let’s strive for simplicity. Ease. Gratefulness.  I’m grateful for the upgrades *grandma’s* Tupperware has gotten over the years AND for the slammin’...

The Importance of Daily Routine. A letter from January to September.

September! It’s time for some routine Dear September, I’m writing this letter today with a generous heart and a brilliant idea. There is no question, I like to be the center of attention - hogging all the “new year, new me” limelight. I like the build-up time after...

Cooking Under Pressure “Chicken Teriyaki” Easy 15-minute meal!

The transition from summer comes with adjustments to bedtime (move over midnight) and a bit more food forethought. No one wants “Easy, 15-minute Recipe” Pinterest lies right now.  The new January (aka September) may bring … Pressure to feed our families food that...

How to Set Goals: Prioritize, Plan and Prep

Have you heard the famous story about the Jar of Life? This story is used in Stephen Covey’s book First Things First. Full disclosure, this story has CHANGED my life! Specifically, it changed how I set goals.  Here’s the basic gist of the story: A philosophy professor...

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